Introducing: Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Peel


Houston Avenue Bar & Grill is proud to announce that this upcoming May (2016), they will be opening up their newest location, situated in the heart of the Golden Square Mile district (2042 rue Peel, corner de Maisonneuve). The menu, as in all of the other Houston locations, will be developed by Executive Chef Joe Mercuri, and, will feature, only at their newest location, the exciting addition of signature lunch and evening table d’hôte selections using market fresh and seasonal ingredients. With the capacity to seat over 250 customers, the restaurant will span two floors, and is committed to bringing back a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to Peel Street. “Our customers are the main reason for our continued success and we are committed to making their experience a memorable one at every visit”, explains Antonino Messina, President & CEO of the brand, who believes the growth and expansion of the brand is a direct result of loyal customers and passionate employees. “I am fortunate to lead a team of outstanding employees who bring an inspiring attitude to their jobs every day.” Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s commitment to customer satisfaction and to providing dedicated employees of the highest caliber will, as with all the other locations, be at the forefront of the new Peel location’s philosophy. A philosophy, which is perfectly summed up with the restaurant group’s overarching motto – “we take your fun seriously.”
The Concept:
Currently, with ten locations across Quebec and Ontario, Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s latest venture is dedicated to maintaining a stimulating ambiance; incorporating the highest quality menu selections, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Reinvigorated in 2012, which coincided with the arrival of Joe Mercuri as Executive Chef, Houston offers an innovative and creative cuisine that will please even the most sophisticate palate, by using market fresh seasonal ingredients, top quality local fish and meats, including the finest available quality cuts. With dedicated servers who have been rigorously trained to provide customers with a satisfying and positive experience, and, an entertaining ambiance complete with upbeat music, Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Peel is the perfect place to unwind and to be called a “home away from home”.
The Atmosphere:
The sexy and upbeat atmosphere is perfect for after-work cocktails with colleagues and friends, a business lunch, a weekend family dinner, a special occasion gathering, or even an intimate supper with a significant other. Additionally, the Peel location will offer private rooms perfect for any and all corporate events, reflective of the extensive business environment located in and around the restaurant.

Steve Imperioli, the Director of Marketing for Houston Canada Inc. explains – “We chose to open up our latest location on Peel Street, as we feel that the Golden Square Mile district is once again becoming a go-to eatery destination. We feel that our concept is the right fit for the demographic that works in the area during the week, both for lunch and for happy hour options, as well as a destination for the Golden Square Mile district dinner crowd, tourists, families, you name it!”
The Executive Chef and Menu: To appreciate Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s food philosophy, one must understand how, in 2012, Joe Mercuri was brought on as Executive Chef, and completely reinvented the menu. Chef Mercuri believed that even within a restaurant chain, there must be a focus (from the simplest to the most complex of food items) on providing the freshest of ingredients, cooked daily in-house, with a strong emphasis on seasonal and local produce. Thus began the transformation into Houston Avenue Bar & Grill becoming a go-to destination, satisfying even the most refined taste buds. According to Chef Mercuri, one of his biggest accomplishments with Houston chains was the development and training of other chefs. As he explains – “I was teaching each cook to use top quality products for everyday foods. We started using organic chicken for the chicken tenders topped with panko cooked fresh in-house on a daily basis, and they were loving it”. By instilling these techniques in Houston kitchens, currently, local chefs at all of Houston Avenue Bar & Grill franchises are encouraged to add personalized menu items, with a level of flexibility that allows them to express their culinary art and skill – all of which is extremely rare in the industry, specifically within restaurant chains.
@HOUSTONAVENUE / #HOUSTONAVENUE The featured signature table d’hôte lunch and evening menus by Joe Mercuri will highlight an array of daily dishes, completely aligned with his commitment to using local and fresh ingredients, with a twist. As Chef Mercuri explains – “With my signature menus, I will be able to create more whimsical and fun options, as I have more freedom to play around with textures and flavours. My cooking philosophy – eat with your eyes first, and then with your taste buds, and that is what I am committed to creating at Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’ Peel location.”